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Ibrahim Altaweel

December 20, 2022  .  3 min read  .  1002

Istanbul&I’s Winter Flea Market and Supporting the Community

Project Highlight

On Saturday and Sunday consecutively, Dec. 10 and 11, 2022, the Istanbul&I team hosted the flea market which takes place every few months in the Istanbul&I office. A lot of people donated clothes to sell them there, plus eight small business owners participated. We donated 40% of the amount to the animal shelter we go to every week, which is the largest animal shelter in Istanbul. The flea market was a success as usual.

Once the second day of the flea market was over, we talked with a business owner to get to know her experience and opinion about the flea market. 

1- Give us a general idea about your business.

I am Aylin Güler, the owner of Floral.Broderie embroidery brand, which is almost two and a half years old now. I started this journey by stitching a T-shirt for myself, which I have seen by a Canadian photographer during Covid. When the products I made for my friends and close circle started to attract attention, I started to share what I stitch on social media. I connected with people from all over the world who started this hobby to make use of their time at home like me. Today, it has become a brand that carries out at every stage from production to sales. 

2- You’ve some experience as a small business owner with the flea market.

First of all, I would like to thank Istanbul&I for helping to increase our visibility in this period where we compete with mass production. This is my second flea market experience here in the NGO. I had two days that I enjoyed as part of this community. Since I am also one of the managers at the flea market, I have the time to make new connections and share my hobby with the visitors and other small business owners as well. 

3- What do you think about the idea of the flea market?

As a small business owner, I care about being on different platforms. I can also add that the donation to Yedikule Animal Shelter warmed my heart. Happy to participate in the flea market for a good cause. 

4- Will you change anything in your business after this experience?

Although I try not to appeal to a niche group of people, I think that entering diversity in my productions will have a positive effect on me.

Written by Ibrahim Altaweel - 20/12/2022