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Eylül Güner Üstünçelik

October 3, 2022  .  2 min read  .  1687

Eylül Üstünçelik - Volunteer Spotlight

Volunteer Spotlight
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Eylül is a 23-year-old intern lawyer, from Samsun, Turkey. She has been living in Istanbul since 2017 and volunteering at Istanbul&I for a year. She started volunteering as a Turkish Speaking Club co-manager. After three months in that position, she became a part of the legal committee and has been working with the team since December 2021. She enjoys ice skating and climbing. She loves reading so much and always tries to carry a book or two with her. Istanbul&I is not the first organization she volunteered at but it’s the most she’s been active with. Her role at the legal committee involves distributing the duties of the legal interns in the team; ensuring that every step taken by the association is legal; examining legal terms in projects and collaborations; making sure that the business of the association is carried out in accordance with the law; and giving legal advice to those who need it.

Here’s her answer to, “Why do you volunteer at Istanbul&I?”

“I like to volunteer at Istanbul&I because it’s definitely the most diverse and respectful community I have ever been part of. I like to volunteer at the animal shelter and human welfare projects but also I enjoy being a part of the organization process while the events and projects are coming together.” 

“After my election in February, Eylül showed her constant support by providing assistance whenever needed. She helped the executive board constantly and always gave insightful comments both as a volunteer and our legal director. Her perseverance, critical thinking, and efficient communication are what make her a valuable member who helps run the community!” - Chand, Executive Coordinator

Written by Eylül Üstünçelik 3/10/2022