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Yusuf Ziya

October 30, 2022  .  2 min read  .  1034

Yusuf Ziya - Volunteer Spotlight

Volunteer Spotlight
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Yusuf Ziya is from Şanlı Urfa, Turkey. He has been working as an accountant since 2008 and as Istanbul&I’s human welfare project manager for the past six months. He joined Istanbul&I as a volunteer in 2021.

 This is his answer to “Why do you volunteer in Istanbul&I?”

“I believe that people become better when they do good; people's actions shape their future character. I realized that I can more easily spread kindness, tolerance, and the positive energy that being friendly adds to the world with my fellow volunteers in Istanbul&I where I joined speaking clubs to learn English. When good people come together, greater positive energy and productivity emerge.

I’ve been a general volunteer and a human welfare project manager for one year in total, and I've specially loved Sokak Lambası project because it gives the chance to help in cooking, packaging and distributing food items to homeless and disadvantaged people in the neighborhood. When you give something to homeless people you see their feelings on their faces. This makes me happy because I feel that I devote my life for others as well as myself. Moreover, I've joined other activities and known many people from other countries which has expanded my vision.

That’s my story with Istanbul&I so far, and that’s why I volunteer in this admirable organization.”

“I've known Yusuf for a while now, and working with him was one of the best experiences in Istanbul&I. He's devoted to what he's doing. As a human welfare project manager, he has been both professional and thoroughly understanding. He made sure volunteers had a good experience in Sokak Lambası by enthusiastically introducing the work to them and helping them interact with people there. He would even drive us to the metro station after we're done! His jokes throughout the volunteering hours would make everyone have a good time.” - Hana Al-Khatib, Volunteer at Istanbul&I