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Wajdee Chayeb

July 31, 2022  .  2 min read  .  1639

Wajdee Chayeb - Volunteer Spotlight

Volunteer Spotlight

Wajdee is from Aleppo, Syria, born in 1999. He is a senior student majoring in physics at Koç University. He has been a volunteer in Istanbul&I since April 2021 and has been managing the Çay Talks event since then. Wajdee has so much interest in intellectual talks and likes to meet people from different backgrounds. He has a dream to become a researcher in physics and work in international research centers.

Why do you volunteer at Istanbul&I?

The reason behind joining Istanbul&I was Çay Talks. I have always looked for a place to meet people from different backgrounds and discuss intellectual topics with them. I joined to develop my soft skills, share what I have learned, learn with others, and meet people from different backgrounds who are ambitious to make a change and help others. I also enjoy most of the events that Istanbul&I holds; it is basically a space for social inclusion and building oneself up.

“Wajdee was a committed volunteer who worked really hard as a Çaytalk Officer. His questions and topics always impressed everyone and he never missed a chance to promote the event and invite new participants. It was fun seeing how he worked and connected with other volunteers. I wish him luck with his future plans.” - Zainab Alqritli, Events Coordinator.