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Elif Bayındır

August 4, 2022  .  2 min read  .  2254

Elif Bayındır - Volunteer Spotlight

Volunteer Spotlight

Elif is from Istanbul, Turkey. She studied physics and has been working as a data analyst since 2020. She is also working on her Master's thesis, which is about climate change modeling. She enjoys getting to know new people and spending time with them. She also loves nature and storytelling.

In 2020, she started volunteering as a moderator in the Turkish Speaking Club (TSC) and the English Speaking Club (ESC). As of January 2021, she is the Turkish Speaking Club manager. 

"Why do you volunteer at Istanbul&I?"

I like helping people in general. It's fun, and I feel good about it. I also enjoy sharing my knowledge and experiences with people and learning about theirs. I wanted to volunteer because I see it as an excellent opportunity to help others. I complete the tasks when I'm on duty, not just out of obligation, but also because I enjoy it. Speaking clubs are a perfect opportunity for people who need to practice the language in a safe environment. I also like the code of conduct of Istanbul&I. I think it's crucial for an NGO that people feel comfortable and safe under these rules. I have had many great experiences in Istanbul&I. I'm very thankful to everyone for this opportunity. I also like the other projects in Istanbul&I, and I would like to volunteer in those too. I believe in the mission of Istanbul&I: an organization that connects people and helps those in need.

“Elif is one of the volunteers who joined during the pandemic and funnily, she only managed to visit us at the office after almost 2 years! Ever since she joined, she moderated the speaking clubs now and then. Eventually, she stepped up to become the Turkish Speaking Club manager and was dedicated to the position for more than a year! Thanks to volunteers like Elif, our activities are always ongoing and I must say that her commitment and dedication amazes me!” - Manohur Chand Poonyth, Executive Coordinator