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Zohra Saïdi

17 مارس 2023  .  قراءة لمدة 2 دقيقة  .  1236

Zohra Saidi - Volunteer Spotlight

Volunteer Spotlight

Zohra is a French-Moroccan student in Political Sciences and International relations. She has been volunteering at Istanbul&I since September 2022, when she first arrived in Türkiye. She originally joined the HR Team as Recruitment and Engagement officer and was elected HR Coordinator in January 2023. 

This is her answer to the question “Why do you volunteer at Istanbul&I?”

My first idea was to find a community that would give me a sense of belonging in Türkiye. It is always a bit hard to leave everything you know to explore the unknown. The first event I attended was the Self-defense workshop and I loved it. I immediately knew I wanted to be part of this organization. Here, I discovered how fulfilling volunteering is, which made me want to do more. It is a particular feeling when you work to make people come together and you help build an organization that is bigger than you. My work as HR Coordinator brings me joy and brings me closer to my personal goals. I learn how to interact with new people, manage a team, balance my life between class, family, friends, work… Now Istanbul&I truly feels like home. Every time I step into the office I forgot the bad stuff and focus on the excitement and cheerfulness that take over the office during events. 

I really found my place here and I feel super lucky to be part of such a good team. Every day I meet new people and I hear new stories about what it’s like to live in other parts of the world. It helps me to open my mind and gives me a small idea of how big the world is. It is an extraordinary experience to be part of Istanbul&I.

"When Zohra joined Istanbul&I, she shared her previous volunteering experiences and academic background with us. She immediately showed that she wants to contribute and be part of our organization! The HR Department is a key part of our organization and upon her appointment, Zohra had a quick grasp and understanding of the processes involved. Her presence increased our engagement with volunteers and she is fully committed to her role as our HR Coordinator! We are really proud of her and grateful for her contribution!" - Chand, Executive Coordinator