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Mohammad Ishaq

Member since Jun 17, 2023

IT Coordinator

Ishaq, an Afghan junior studying Computer Engineering at Istanbul Arel University, embarked on his Turkish journey back in 2021. Two years down the line, he's not only been acing his coursework but has also become a junior Data Scientist.

In the spirit of giving back to the community that welcomed him, Ishaq joined I&I as a regular volunteer. To everyone's delight, he was soon awarded the title of Volunteer of the Month. With the energy and skills at his disposal, Ishaq made the transition from being a regular volunteer to taking on the role of IT Coordinator at I&I.

Ishaq's a big fan of the Human Welfare Project (HWP), and he believes in pursuing the career path that aligns with one's passion. Alongside data science, he's into football, with a special fondness for Ramos, enjoys a good game of table tennis, loves to get lost in a good novel, and, of course, he's got a soft spot for aviation.