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Ibrahim Altaweel

Member since Oct 29, 2022

Events Coordinator

Ibrahim Altaweel, a 23-year-old student from Iraq studying interior design in Istanbul, has been a dedicated volunteer with Istanbul&i. His journey with the organization started as a volunteer, and he quickly became an active contributor.

Ibrahim's commitment to volunteering at Istanbul&i is evident through his two "Volunteer of the Month" recognitions. He also was the Event Officer for a year and later stepped into the role of Acting Events Coordinator, showcasing his ability to organize and unite volunteers.

Istanbul&i was Ibrahim's first and most meaningful introduction to volunteering. He strongly believes in the organization's mission and has played a significant role in advancing its cause.

Ibrahim Altaweel's volunteer journey with Istanbul&i highlights the power of one person's passion and dedication to create a positive impact on the community. It's a testament to the transformative influence of volunteering on both individuals and the communities they belong

Volunteer History

Lee officer February 2022 , culture night officer march 2022 , workshop officer, march 2022 )
events officer February 2022-September 2023
Copywriter December-2022- present)