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Hagar Soultan

26 أغسطس 2022  .  قراءة لمدة 2 دقيقة  .  1512

Hagar Soultan - Volunteer Spotlight

Volunteer Spotlight

Hagar Sultan is an Egyptian, who came to live in Istanbul six years ago. She graduated from BAU with a medical degree in July 2022. In her free time, she likes to hang out with friends and that is one of the reasons why she started to volunteer: to socialize more. 

Hagar has always been enthusiastic about helping others and it all started with her circle of friends and it gradually expanded to her community.

Her urge to help others included animals as well. She consistently visited Yedikule Animal Shelter to play and care for the rescued animals. This was an opportunity to socialize and make a difference simultaneously. She eventually joined Sokak Lambasi where she utilized her free time to serve others. Hagar and the other volunteers met up and prepared freshly made meals to be distributed among homeless people in Istanbul. Soon after, her passion for charity work gave her a boost to be a part of the Homework Help project as an officer.

Here’s what Hagar replied when asked: “Why do you volunteer at Istanbul&I”

“My friend was a volunteer at Istanbul&I and she motivated me to go with her to the Yedikule Animal Shelter. Additionally, Istanbul&I was looking for a volunteer for the Homework Help Project who spoke Arabic, and That’s how I became the HHP Officer. I believe education is the most important thing in life, especially nowadays. The feeling of wanting to help those kids learn and educate motivates me to do what I do as the HHP officer. “

Hajar is our Homework Help Project Officer and is a dedicated volunteer. She always makes time for beneficiaries. During the summer, she single-handedly worked on a Summer Camp Project with a local community where she taught about health and nutrition to kids with a team of motivated and dedicated medical students. Other than that, she also organized a donation call and campaign to gift the kids stationery sets for the new school term. We thank her for the dedication and commitment!” - Chand, Executive Coordinator