Volunteer Spotlight – Sajad Safajooee

Volunteer Spotlight

Sajad Safajooee

Sajad is from Tehran, Iran. He has been working as a professional graphic designer since 2011 and as Istanbul&I’s graphic design officer and art director for the past three years. He has been a member of the Communications Team since it was first created and in charge of our design needs ever since. In 2020, he started volunteering as the Yedikule Animal Shelter project’s co-manager. This is his answer to the question, “Why do you volunteer in Istanbul&I?”

I’ve always wanted to use what I know best (design and art) in a way to have a positive impact on people’s lives. That’s why when I heard about Istanbul&I, immediately I thought about bringing what I know as a graphic designer to this amazing organization. This is why in 2018, I joined Istanbul&I as their first graphic design officer. Ever since then I have loved working on our designs and using what I know best in the best way possible which is to help an organization that wants to make the world a better place, have a great visual identity.

I’ve volunteered as Istanbul&I’s graphic design officer and art director for almost four years, but while doing that I started participating in other events. That’s when I started falling in love with volunteering in general. I have held different graphic design workshops for Syrian and Afghan teenagers who wanted to learn more about the career of a graphic designer and design in general. I have participated in other events where we distributed food for those in need, cultural events, teaching languages, and so on.

In 2019, we started a new project called Yedikule Animal Shelter where we go to an animal shelter weekly and help with the shelter’s works such as unpacking food for dogs, cleaning their bowls, and also the best part of it, which is playing with the dogs. Since the project started because of my love of dogs combined with volunteering, I’ve tried my best to participate every week. That’s why in 2020, when there was a need for a co-project manager for this project, I applied and thankfully got the position.

Ever since then I’ve been volunteering weekly as one of the Yedikule Animal Shelter’s project managers and I couldn’t be happier leading any project but this one.

That’s my story with Istanbul&I so far since 2018 until now and that’s why I volunteer with this amazing organization.

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