Volunteer Spotlight – Nuran Yildiz

Volunteer Spotlight

Nuran Yildiz

Nuran is from Aydın, Turkey. She is a fourth-year law student at Istanbul Medipol University. She has been volunteering in Istanbul&I since October 2021. She joined to be a part of the Finance Committee as the Legal Assistant. Now she is Istanbul&I’s Legal Director and is working with three great legal assistants. She also works as a student intern at a law firm. She loves to go out with her little cousin in her free time. She is also addicted to tote bags, so if you see her without a big tote bag, something is wrong.

Why do you volunteer in Istanbul&I? 

I do volunteering since I know myself. It’s like a break from all that personal stuff in life, taking a deep breath and feeling useful. While feeling all these, I can also affect people’s life. The fact or possibility of changing or making a good impact on a single person’s life makes me feel happier than many things. I started volunteering in Istanbul&I in October 2021 thanks to my best friend, Batuhan. Since I am volunteering as the Legal Director, which is also related to my department, I can also improve myself while transferring my knowledge to the organization. I am hoping and believing to make Istanbul&I bigger, stronger, and more famous to help create a better world for especially disadvantaged people. As one person, my chance to create a better world is probably zero, but volunteering in an organization makes it much more possible. We should believe in what we do and act together for people who need support. That’s what we need to create a safe and livable environment.

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