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Israa Salameh

Den beri üye Nov 10, 2022

Events Co-Coordinator

Israa is a Palestinian half-Turkish molecular biology and genetics graduate born in Qatar. She’s very passionate about education, sports, languages, and culture. She makes it her mission to always indulge in different cultures as much as possible and to learn about them through their language and history. This has inspired Israa to start learning Japanese and Spanish in recent years, and she plans on moving on to other languages in the future.

Israa is highly interested in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, hence has grown a deep interest in different sports over the years such as handball, table tennis, and badminton. She makes time for at least once a week.

In her spare time, Israa likes to watch anime, play the ukulele, read books, and return to her roots by practicing Palestinian embroidery.

Gönüllü Tarih

Çaytalks officer (Nov 2022 - Dec 2022)
Events Co-Coordinator (Dec 2022 - Present)