Previous Board Members

Below is a list of the previous Executive Boards since we introduced the system 

Teymour Ashkan (Executive Coordinator)
Ryest Esther Kazinja Adu (Board Member) 
Talal Akkad (Board Member)
Bisher Alhasan (Board Member)
Bahaa Dabbagh (Board Member)
Utku Güven (Board Member)
Nadia Gaaloul (Board Member)
Sarah Khalbuss (Board Member)
Ahmed Shaltoot (Board Member)
Imad Alassiry (Board Member)
Arya Afshar (Board Member)

Teymour Ashkan (Executive Coordinator)
Ilker Aslan (Board Member)
Nil H Rahimi (Board Member)
Imad Adin Alassiry (Board Member)
Khaled La (Board Member)
Ahmet Ilker Damar (Board Member)
Derya Tüzer (Board Member)
Ahmad Gharibeh (Board Member)
Miriam Rosamund Kay (Board Member)

Sarah Khalbuss (Executive Coordinator)
Malika Karieva (Human Resources Coordinator)
Nil H Rahimi (Communications Coordinator)
Ezgi Sahin (Financial Coordinator)
Nami Shin (Legal & Ethics Coordinator)
Houda Berrada Taşdan (Information & Technology Coordinator)

Emma Walker-Silverman (Programming Coordinator)
Bahar Bayraktaroğlu (Erasmus+ & Summits Coordinator; January 2019 – April 2019)
Zeynep Duygu Kocakaya (Erasmus+ & Summits Coordinator; April 2019 – August 2019)

Junko Kanero (Co-Executive Coordinator)
Tahiya Moosa (Co-Executive Coordinator)
Jennet Hydyrova (Human Resources Coordinator; September 2019 -)
Begüm Çiçek (Communications Coordinator)
İlker Aslan (Legal & Ethics Coordinator)
Alaa M. Akbik (Financial Coordinator)
Melisa Shaheen (Programming Coordinator)
Sercan Sin (Information & Technology Coordinator; September 2019 – November 2019)
Faizan Moazam (Erasmus+ & Summits Coordinator; September 2019 – January 2020)
Souhaib Felmez (Information & Technology Coordinator; January 2020 – July 2020)

Previous Project Managers

Please note the list is still incomplete as it is updated based on the requests from the managers

Ahmad Ayyasy Ridho (Qnushyo Storytelling and Filmmaking Project Manager; Iftar&Community Co-Manager)
Abdallah Salim (Youth Empowering Development Project Manager)
Sami Abdulvahit (Qnushyo Storytelling and Filmmaking Project Manager)
Handenur Özata (Poetry Club Co-Manager)