Our Team


Executive Board

The Executive Board of Istanbul&I consists of eight positions, with each Board member having a specific role as a coordinator. The Executive Board makes decisions regarding the current operation and future plans of Istanbul&I.

Project Managers

All volunteering and social inclusion projects in Istanbul&I are led by one or two managers. Project managers are responsible for planning and scheduling activities, managing volunteers, communicating with collaborators, and a lot more!

Ethics Council

Led by Legal & Ethics Coordinator, the Ethics Council works on a broad range of topics related to legal and ethical issues.

Communications Team

Led by Communications Coordinator, the Communications Team works on Istanbul&I's branding, external communications, and many more.

Human resources team

Led by Human Resources Coordinator, the HR Team works on many HR-related issues from recruiting volunteers to engaging them.

The Executive Board

Amber Sema Erkan

Executive Coordinator

Hoang Chieu Tran

Communications Coordinator

Hande Hepşen

Legal & Ethics Coordinator

Fatih Korum

Information Technology Coordinator


Programming Coordinator


Human Resources Coordinator


Finance Coordinator

Ahmad Ayyasy Ridho

Summits & Fundraising Coordinator

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