Volunteer Spotlight – Nuran Yildiz

Volunteer Spotlight Nuran Yildiz Nuran is from Aydın, Turkey. She is a fourth-year law student at Istanbul Medipol University. She has been volunteering in Istanbul&I since October 2021. She joined to be a part of the Finance Committee as the Legal Assistant. Now she is Istanbul&I’s Legal Director and is […]

Volunteer Spotlight – Zainab Alqritli

Volunteer Spotlight Zainab Alqritli Zainab is a Libyan-Jordanian who lived in a lot of countries before moving to Istanbul back in 2014. Earlier this year, she graduated as an interior architect. Since then, she has been busy studying Korean and Chinese while spending the rest of the time developing her […]

Volunteer Spotlight – Amer Alahmar

Volunteer Spotlight Amer Alahmar Amer is a web developer by day and a voice engineer by night. He has a bachelor’s degree in computer science, and he is part of another NGO called Consortium for Health Action. Since he joined Istanbul&I on April 27, 2021, he has been participating in […]

Volunteer Spotlight – Sajad Safajooee

Volunteer Spotlight Sajad Safajooee Sajad is from Tehran, Iran. He has been working as a professional graphic designer since 2011 and as Istanbul&I’s graphic design officer and art director for the past three years. He has been a member of the Communications Team since it was first created and in […]

Volunteer Spotlight – Ulduz Madatkhanova

Volunteer Spotlight Ulduz Madatkhanova  Years ago, I attended an international party organized by Istanbul&I. Since then, I started following the events and news of the organization. Every step taken by brave members of Istanbul&I inspired me to become a part of this great team. I’ve always loved watching and discussing […]

Volunteer Spotlight – Bashir & Melis

Volunteer Spotlight Bashir & Melis Melanie Melis Büyük is a Master’s student of Political Science and International Relations at Boğazici University. Bashir Sadiq is an intern doctor at Medical Park Hospital and has been an active volunteer since November 2020. Melis and Bashir both regularly volunteer at Yedikule Animal Shelter […]

Volunteer Spotlight – Ahmad Alhasan

Volunteer Spotlight Ahmad Alhasan Ahmad is a Psychology student at Middle East Technical University. He joined Istanbul&I in 2017 as the youngest volunteer in the NGO. He first co-managed the Storytelling Expeditions and soon after founded Istanbul&I’s first Book Club. In 2019, he co-founded Poetry Club, which he’s been managing […]