Major Event – Fairuz & Lebanon: A Tangled Tale

Major Event – Fairuz & Lebanon: A Tangled Tale

Major Event Fairuz & Lebanon: A Tangled Tale A year and a half since the pandemic hit in March, Istanbul&I finally decided to throw its first special Introduction to Culture night for its internal volunteers to bond and socialize at the Istanbul&I office. The culture night’s theme was a smooth […]

Major Event – Refugee Week

Major Event Refugee Week Turkey hosts around 3.6 million refugees, most of them residing in the city of Istanbul. Yet the word refugee has become a marginalized term today, with various stereotypical connotations which have been defined by different mediums. Instead of redefining the word and what it really means, […]

Major Event – On Palestine (BWR)

Major Event On Palestine (BWR) On June 30, 2021, Istanbul&I hosted a discussion event on the Palestinian struggle and resistance movement. It was held in light of the media breakthrough of the #SaveSheikhJarrah campaign to save thirteen families in East Jerusalem from being forcibly expelled out of their homes at […]

Major Event – Conversations on Consent

Major Event Conversations on Consent The Conversations on Consent launch event was organised in collaboration with Istanbul&I, Yabangee, Conscious Creation Collective, Warm and Fuzzy, the Philia Project, AB Sivil Dusun Programi, Swatch Social and the Womb on the 24th of May. Conversations on Consent is a campaign that encourages its […]

Major Event – Celebrating Earth Day

Major Event Celebrating Earth Day In celebration of the 51st Earth Day, Istanbul&I hosted a day of interactive online workshops on sustainability and environmentalism in collaboration with Yabangee and Inshirah Collective. Shahla Raza from Inshirah Collective kicked off the day by highlighting the focus of Earth Day 2021, quoting directly […]

Major Event – Grassroots Feminism

Major Event Grassroots Feminism In our celebration of International Women’s Day and the incredible people who tirelessly fight for equal rights across Turkey, several leading NGOs took the mic in our Grassroots Feminism talk to share the diverse and critical ways they’re advancing women’s rights through feminist principles in Turkey. […]

Major Event – Istanbul&I Turns Five

Major Event Istanbul&I Turns Five Founded in 2016 with a dream of building and fostering a unique community in Istanbul, Istanbul&I has brought together people from disadvantaged and disenfranchised communities despite socio-cultural divides. By focusing on social inclusion and volunteering, Istanbul&I has become a hub for young changemakers looking to […]