Social Inclusion Event – Caytalks

Social Inclusion Event – Caytalks

Social Inclusion Event

Caytalks: Happiness and Life Satisfaction

On November 18, 2021, the ÇayTalks event with a focus on the theme of “Happiness and Life Satisfaction” was held in the Galata Falls Café from 6-8 p.m. Around 40 people attended, and the topics discussed ranged from what if scenarios all the way to discussing the meaning of self-actualization. The cafe had a welcoming atmosphere and the moderators at each table made sure the conversation stayed on topic. Participants were also handed out an outline of the questions, but of course, the moderators kept the conversation smooth and used it as more of a reference.

The usual suspects of such a topic were all present in the conversation. The old “Can money buy happiness?” and “Is there a formula to finding happiness?” questions were raised. Another topic that was controversial at some tables was the distinction between life satisfaction and happiness. Could one exist without the other? There was even a talk about defining both. Many have different definitions as to what either concept would mean. Sigmond Freud’s theory of psychoanalysis made for a great segue into whether past experiences inform our happiness and life satisfaction. Freud’s theories have always been polarizing, but the mention proved to be a great catalyst for getting into trauma. Does it affect people’s happiness? Can new experiences make up for it? All in all, the conversation was flowing, and even after the two-hour event, people were chatting. New and old friends alike, overall the topic produced a stimulating conversation that made the time zoom by. From the constant chatter, it is safe to say everyone had an opinion on the matter.

Mohammad, an Istanbul&I Newsletter Writer who attended the event for the first time, said, “I loved the atmosphere and the concept in general. My opinions on self-actualization might have stirred up some controversy, but overall everyone seemed to be engaged in the conversation and had a good time. The whole idea of ÇayTalks reminds me of old saloons where philosophers and thinkers would get together and discuss the matters of the day. Kudos to the organizers and moderators for creating a good time for people to spend outside and get to meet new people. Not just new people, but also new perspectives. The two hours just flew right by!”

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