Our Projects

Volunteering Projects

Food & Clothes Distribution

Istanbul&I volunteers regularly join local NGOs in their effort to distribute essentials such as food and clothing. Our current and past collaborators include Sokak Lambası, Ahtapot Gönüllüleri Derneği, Çorbada Tuzun Olsun Derneği and Hayata Sarıl Derneği.

Homework Help

Istanbul&I volunteers have been visiting different communities in Istanbul to provide help to young children of displaced and underprivileged families. We have also hosted many educational and creative workshops.

Youth Leadership Workshops

The Youth Leadership & Development Project is a multi-dimensional training program to enhance the leadership skills of youth at Small Project Istanbul and other local organizations as they transition into adulthood.


Ever year during the month of Ramadan, we hold free community "Iftar" dinners accompanied by various social activities in the disadvantaged neighborhood of Tarlabaşı.

Language Speaking CLubs

Language Speaking Clubs were established to provide an opportunity for anyone motivated to practice their language skills. Currently, we offer English and Turkish Speaking Clubs.

Animal Shelter

Istanbul&I volunteers join Yedikule Animal Shelter (Yedikule Hayvan Barınağı) to help their operation.

Social Inclusion Projects

Introduction to Culture

Living in Istanbul accords us the opportunity to meet people of all backgrounds, statuses, classes, and orientation.



ÇayTalks is a social integration event that is based around having discussions on certain topics and learning different insights from people with different backgrounds, beliefs and ideologies!

poetry (2)

Poetry Club

Poetry Club is designed as a safe space for people of all backgrounds, ethnicities, genders, and levels, who wish to express their emotions and convey their thoughts.

book club (2)

Book Club

Istanbul&I’s Book Club was created to encourage people to read books and discuss a variety of topics as well as to help people explore different perspectives and foreign ideas.



Skills building and networking are important themes to Istanbul&I’s work, and our workshops represent one of the ways we do this best.


Launched in November 2017, TALK is a public lecture series that seeks to engage young people in a discussion and workshop focused program.


In a world where we are more digitally connected than ever but still feel a lack of human connection.



We hold large scale summits – conferences where young people have a chance to meet with mentors from a field and work to create social impact projects.