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Project Highlight

Qnushyo Homework Help

Qnushyo is an NGO literally meaning “gathering” that aims to provide the local community of Yedikule with shared activities to develop skills, local knowledge, promotion, and local well-being. The founders of the community centre, Yakup Atuğ and Önver Çetrez, focus on providing activities for educational guidance, community support, and women empowerment. The beneficiaries of the community centre are predominantly Syrians. Istanbul&I dedicates its time and volunteers to help the community children with their school homework, making the learning of Turkish language easier for them. The partnership between the two organisations has been ongoing for a while. Before the pandemic, Istanbul&I volunteers used to go to their Yedikule Community Centre to help the children with their homework there. However, the project has recently been restarted this month, now being conducted via Zoom.

The manager of the Qnushyo project, Melis Büyük, helps organise the project on Zoom, allowing the young children to meet with the Istanbul&I volunteers who dedicate their time every Monday to helping them. She says that “it is a great opportunity to create sustainable community help because the project contributes to the kid’s academic success and education. The volunteers enjoy teaching the kids, so we are considering continuing this project through summer with playful Turkish-learning activities and educational programmes for kids.”

Every week around 5-10 kids join the session and are assigned to separate breakout rooms, where each kid receives individual attention and has their questions addressed. Each child is assigned 15-20 minutes, until the volunteer moves on to the next one. The beneficiaries speak Arabic, with different Turkish proficiency levels and most of them go to primary school.

Arzu Isik, a frequent volunteer at the Qnushyo project who is intrinsically driven to helping refugees in learning Turkish and English, enjoys her time teaching her students and expresses her ease with establishing a good relationship with the kids. Melis is looking forward to adding more playful games to the project which will allow the children to participate in exciting fun activities and learn the Turkish language.

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