Board News – New Communications Director

Board News

New Communications Director: Hoang Tran

            The Executive Board and Istanbul&I community is excited to welcome Hoang Tran as the new Communications Coordinator of Istanbul&I. After a two-week election process following a vacancy in the position, Hoang was elected by majority vote of Istanbul&I volunteers. The Communications Coordinator is responsible for overseeing Istanbul&I’s Communications Team operations such as social media pages, organization design and identity, and all marketing matters. Hoang has been a volunteer of Istanbul&I since 2019, often participating in the Sokak Lamabsı project as well as serving in the Ethics Council in the last term. She’s ready to take charge as the new Communications Coordinator, stating, “My core values align with the values that Istanbul&I is committed to promoting through our projects and NGO presence which are inclusiveness and respect. My vision is to maintain Istanbul&I’s online presence as an NGO for positive change and a diverse and inclusive space that can empower the youth and all disenfranchised local communities.” 

            In other news, the IT Coordinator and team have been working on relaunching the Istanbul&I website with an updated design and interface. The renovated website will include designated pages with detailed information and photo galleries for all Istanbul&I projects and events as well as a directory of all Istanbul&I project managers, the Ethics Council, Communications, and HR Team members. The website will also be relaunching with a new blog that has been in the works since February. The new Istanbul&I blog will be featuring articles penned by the blog writers and community members pertaining to subjects of volunteerism, local and international issues, and news event coverage. Be on the lookout for the renovated website and new blog! 

            Furthermore, the board is excited to announce upcoming projects and events for the month of June. Firstly, the Qnushyo project has successfully relaunched with volunteer Melis Büyük, who was the co-manager of Iftar&Community 2021, as the new project manager. She will be coordinating with the Qnushyo Center and the project volunteers to organize a weekly homework-help session for kids. In addition to the homework help, the volunteers will play some games and perform activities with the children to help connect learning and playing. This June, Istanbul&I is planning to host a series of events or talks in honor of Refugee Awareness Month to educate on refugee and migrant rights in Turkey. Also, Istanbul&I is planning to organize an event or campaign in honor of Pride Month in collaboration with Turkish LGBTQ+ organizations and activists.

Osama Hijazi – 22/5/21