Volunteer Spotlight-Ulduz Madatkhanova

Volunteer Spotlight

Ulduz Madatkhanova

            Years ago, I attended an international party organized by Istanbul&I. Since then, I started following the events and news of the organization. Every step taken by brave members of Istanbul&I inspired me to become a part of this great team. I’ve always loved watching and discussing films. Recognizing that Istanbul&I used to have Film Club sessions, I decided to apply for a managerial position. Fortunately, my request was accepted. It’s been six months now since I became part of this amazing family. During these six months, many film lovers around the world came together to share their thoughts about topics such as climate change, sustainable lifestyle, ancient traditions, social distinction, religion, the role of women in society, masculinity, sexuality, community, and many, many more. Even though most of our events take place virtually due to the pandemic conditions, I met a lot of fascinating individuals from various backgrounds and cultures. Film Club sessions, like all other Istanbul&I events, help us to make new connections, build a strong network, and improve our leadership skills.

            The support that Istanbul&I volunteers give each other and their efforts to beautify and develop the environment they belong to are an incredible power. I am very honored to be a part of this power. Watching and analyzing films, which carry essential messages to the audiences, and raising awareness about issues our planet and societies face motivates me the most. Anyone eager to make a change, to take a step forward, is very welcome to join our big family.

Ulduz Madatkhanova – 7/5/21