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Dear donor,

Istanbul & I is a community of young people trying to organize social impact initiatives to support disadvantaged and displaced groups in Istanbul.

Since the day we started, we have taken great steps with more than 250 volunteers from more than 50 countries. Our volunteers have created and participated in over 25 social aid projects that affect the lives of tens of thousands of individuals.

The COVID epidemic has affected us very much. It deeply challenged our working capacity that we normally have. Although we have been able to bring most of our programs online, we cannot get our donations at the same rate because we cannot conduct our activities face-to-face. We are now at risk of losing the social impact center that we put a lot of effort into putting together. Unless this center is not, we cannot complete our mission.

Without sufficient funding, We will have to close our doors to our community members who rely on the security provided by the community center and our social programs in the next three months. Without your help, we will also lose this inclusive community and our ability to help the groups we live with. This will also mean that many people will lose the “home” feeling in Istanbul.

We humbly want you to support us in this sense! All kinds of donations, small or large, will help Istanbul & I survive this frightening process and will help us continue our volunteering activities.

If you have any questions, I would be happy to give you more information on how you can support our work in Istanbul & I. We sincerely request you to share this wish with your other social / business networks. Thank you for being a part of this exciting new era for Istanbul & I.

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Istanbul & I