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Zainab Alqritli

Member since Oct 27, 2021

Events Coordinator

Zainab is a Libyan/Jordanian interior architecture student who has lived in many different countries before. Zainab enjoys learning about other cultures and meeting new people. In order to learn more about them she started learning new languages such as Korean, Italian and Chinese. Also, she does Airbnb experience tours around Istanbul. Which gave her the chance to meet new people, introduce Istanbul to them and share her hobby Film photography with others.

When she started studying interior architecture, she fell in love with art and has been learning how to express herself through it. Doing art is one of many hobbies she does. She does not hesitate to start learning about a new thing when she is curious about it.

Since Zainab enjoys meeting new people and helping others in October 2021, She Joined ISTANBUL&I as a general volunter. Then November 2021, she joined HR team as Internal Event Officer. In December 2021, she Joined Programming team as Event Officer and Finally, Starting from January 2022, She has been leading events team as Events Coordinator.

Volunteer History

General Volunteer (October 2021 - November 2021)
HR Internal Event Officer (November 2021 - January 2022)
Event officer (December 2021 - January 2022)
Event Coordinator (January 2022 - Present)