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Nuran Yıldız

Member since Oct 25, 2022

Legal Director

Nuran has been a part of the Istanbul&I community since 2021. She is from Aydın, Turkey. She is a fourth-year law student at Istanbul Medipol University. Nuran has been volunteering at Istanbul&I since October 2021 and has joined to be a part of the Finance Committee as the Legal Assistant. Now she is Istanbul&I’s Legal Director and is working with legal assistants. She also works as a student intern at a law firm and volunteering in two other NGOs. She loves to go out with her little cousin in her free time. She is also addicted to tote bags, so if you see her without a big tote bag, something is wrong.

Volunteer History

Legal Director (October 2021- April 2022)
Legal Assistant (April 2022- September 2022)
Legal Director (October 2022 - Present)