Zeynep Duygu

Zeynep is a Law Faculty student at Istanbul University and has been an active volunteer at Istanbul&I since 2018. She is the manager of our latest Yedikule Animal Shelter Volunteer project. 

“Why do I volunteer at I&I?
I can count several reasons why I volunteer but I think the main reason is I want to put my hand under the rock, meaning I don’t want to complain and do nothing like most of the people do nowadays. I believe in butterfly effect, the smallest thing I do might be the beginning of a huge wave that will change our community for the better. I am passionate about animal rights and want animals to have better lives in Turkey. Also, I help people learn Turkish and English as a volunteer. Thanks to I&I, I have found out that I am pretty good at helping people learn and that I love tutoring and seeing people learn from me! We now have a new project called Yedikule Animal Shelter Project which we go on every Wednesday to help them (plus pet the dogs!)”
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