Manohur Chand Poonyth

Chand is a graduate from Istanbul Technical University and has been a volunteer at Istanbul&I since December 2019. He is actively engaged with the Turkish Speaking Club and the English Speaking Club.

“Why do I volunteer at I&I?
I was inspired to join I&I after seeing the active participation of a past volunteer, Mustafa Hoshmand who happens to be an old acquaintance of mine. I chose to volunteer in the English Speaking Club and Turkish Speaking Club since I believe that I have the potential to contribute largely to the learning process of the motivated participants. So, once I started volunteering, those 19 00 – 21 00 time slots of my weekdays and weekends immediately became part of my life. Is volunteering about me? Or it is about the people? Eventually, I had these questions answered by coming to the following conclusion; by allocating these mere 2 hours on any day during the week, you never know how you may boost someone to continue his/her learning quest. On one side, I have been teaching English, French and Turkish to people by giving private tuitions, however, having the opportunity to work with motivated people, seeing their progress and in return, receiving their sincere appreciation just pushes me to do more for them. So far, I am yet to do other voluntary activities at I&I but I’m sure that it will be as enjoyable and fruitful as my experience with the speaking clubs. See you all either at the English Speaking Club or Turkish Speaking Club.”
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