Fatih Korum

Fatih is Mechatronic Engineer and has been an active volunteer at Istanbul&I since March 2019. He is a member of the HR team and he volunteers at most of our

projects including but not limited to English Speaking Club, Turkish Speaking Club and Introduction to Culture events. He has also led the Istanbul&I Football Tournament fundraiser in collaboration with Yabangee.
“Remember the person who touched your life slightly with their goodness when you were a kid, maybe a teacher, a volunteer or a random person on the street, the one who you’d never forget and feel thankful about. The same way touching lives of children, elderlies, even animals or whoever is in need of help with respectable amount of effort, the pleasure of what you know you are channelling someone or something in order to become better makes me feel satisfied and living for a good purpose. This is the primal reason why I started and still feel passionate to volunteer.

I was struck all of a heap the very first time I saw the diversity in Istanbul&I when I attended one of the events. I had never experienced the diversity as much as Istanbul&I has getting together in order to make social impact. My desire to join this community immediately reached its peak. And since I was involved in Istanbul&I until now I can easily say that I have learned invaluable values that I could never learn in my mundane life along with having the most precious people in my life.”

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