Junko Kanero

Junko has been working as the Co-Executive Coordinator of Istanbul&I together with Tahiya Moosa since August, 2019. Junko joined Istanbul&I in 2017 and worked on a dozen of projects as a volunteer. Her previous roles with Istanbul&I include General Project Manager of Language Speaking Clubs and Designer and Developer for the web team.

Outside of Istanbul&I, Junko is an Assistant Professor of Psychology at Sabanc─▒ University. She received her PhD in Developmental Psychology and Neuroscience at Temple University in the USA and moved to Turkey in 2016. Her research concerns language development in infancy and childhood, the use of technology in language education, neural processing of language, and how language and non-linguistic cognition interact. If you are interested in Junko’s academic works, please visit her website – http://myweb.sabanciuniv.edu/jkanero/