Board News – Upcoming Events & Projects

Board News – Upcoming Events & Projects

Board News

Upcoming Events & Projects

Now that things are slowly getting back to normal amid the COVID vaccine rollout across the world and in Istanbul in particular, Istanbul&I has recently begun having face-to-face events and meetings while taking all necessary safety measures. Since the office reopening in August 2021, changes have been put into effect including events at the office, discussions of new projects, volunteer policy updates, and facilitating communication. 

To ensure the safety of all participants at the office, Istanbul&I created a COVID policy that must be signed beforehand and also upon joining events. It states that participants must acknowledge that they haven’t tested positive thirty days before the event or shown COVID symptoms 24 hours ahead; they haven’t been around someone exposed to COVID; they vow to inform Istanbul&I if they tested positive seven days after the event; and they will show their HES code and proof of vaccine issued by e-Nabız upon arrival. Regarding social distance practices, occupancy is limited to 30 persons per room—in speaking clubs, 25 participants and five volunteers to be exact. Wearing masks is mandatory as directed by event leaders.

Regular office events are gradually resuming such as ÇayTalks, Introduction to Culture nights, HR events, and our film and literature clubs. In addition to that, Istanbul&I is taking initiative to launch projects that are more refugee-centered. That came in response to volunteers’ requests to focus on refugees, volunteers, and displaced people. In that regard, Storytelling for Change, which aims at sharpening storytelling skills as the name suggests, started last month. Moreover, Istanbul&I is establishing a refugee assistance fund program to help displaced individuals and families, which will be financed by organized donations. Donation collection channels include an upcoming flea market and book selling at the office. More importantly, new project ideas are laid on the table: a proposal for trash cleanup as well as academic help by our old Co-Executive Coordinator, who is also a professor.      

With the aforementioned developments, Istanbul&I has updated its volunteer policy through HR tracking to pin down legacy and active volunteers within its network. That will further lead to a more organized and decluttered database. On that note, some improvements are also being considered for more effective communication among Istanbul&I community members. Finally, the Communications Team welcomed a new graphic designer to its team with goals of refreshing the official website, setting the tone and giving Istanbul&I a voice.

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