Board News – LaunchGood 2022 Youth4Youth Fundraising Campaign

Board News – LaunchGood 2022 Youth4Youth Fundraising Campaign

Board News

LaunchGood 2022 Youth4Youth Fundraising Campaign

On the cusp of the year 2022, the Istanbul&I board held one of its final meetings before the new board took office and before the end of the year. Among the many topics discussed, the upcoming fundraiser launch was a priority as well as others. Istanbul&I has an annual fundraising period to cover the budget and operational costs through a massive volunteer-led campaign. Volunteers reach out to their networks, and events are held to collect the funds needed for the organization to continue its community outreach and charitable programs. For this year, a budget of $16,000 is set, where it is collected mainly through donations as small as $10 to $30, allowing Istanbul&I to maintain its independent existence without the need for a big corporate sponsor. Most of last year’s budget was raised in about five weeks, but the more realistic timeline of two months is set for this year’s fundraiser.

The Youth4Youth Mentorship Program is another focal point of the fundraiser this year, as we try to create a pilot version and hopefully apply for grants to best build upon the program. As a whole, the Youth4Youth Mentorship program has been through various brainstorms and has taken months to develop. Therefore, we believe in its viability for doing something truly good for the community.

Here’s a little more on the program and why we believe in it wholeheartedly: With many of our volunteers’ beliefs taken into account, the Youth4Youth Program is focused on refugees aged 18-25. These are formative years and you can just imagine the uprooting and destabilizing process that goes on in the lives of refugees. The program is designed to help these individuals with their academic and professional prospects and also help them better integrate into Turkish society. The donations from this fundraiser will help Istanbul&I sustain its events for the upcoming year and also allow a pilot version of the program to launch with around 30 beneficiaries. We have already prepared the fundraiser campaign video for our readers and volunteers to share with their networks and spread the good word. Some of the services that will be offered to the beneficiaries include Turkish and English language sessions to help the refugees have an easier time in their new home, skill-based mentorship where our members will be matched with one of the refugees in a mentor-mentee capacity and teach them valuable skills, and many other projects. This is truly a program we believe in, and one which will showcase the hospitable side of Istanbul to these refugees and the rest of the world.

As the former Fundraising Coordinator, Ayyash, put it: “Witnessing the last Istanbul&I fundraiser closely, I feel good energy and hope for humanity.” The former Executive Coordinator, Amber, said about the campaign: “The funds we receive will allow Istanbul&I volunteers to do more work that helps even more people.” We hope we can count on your help to keep the cycle of good going.

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