Board News – Office Reopening

Board News Office Reopening The Istanbul&I Executive Board is excited to announce that plans to hold public events in the Istanbul&I office for the first time since last year are in action! The Istanbul&I office has been closed to the public since March of 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic […]

Major Event – On Palestine (BWR)

Major Event On Palestine (BWR) On June 30, 2021, Istanbul&I hosted a discussion event on the Palestinian struggle and resistance movement. It was held in light of the media breakthrough of the #SaveSheikhJarrah campaign to save thirteen families in East Jerusalem from being forcibly expelled out of their homes at […]

Board News – New Communications Director: Hoang Tran

Board News New Communications Director: Hoang Tran The Executive Board and Istanbul&I community is excited to welcome Hoang Tran as the new Communications Coordinator of Istanbul&I. After a two-week election processfollowing a vacancy in the position, Hoang was elected by majority vote of Istanbul&I volunteers. The Communications Coordinator is responsible […]

Board News – Vision Redefined

Board News Vision Redefined April saw the Istanbul&I Board continue its mission towards transforming the organization through enacting sustainable structural changes. Within the scope of this goal, Istanbul&I conducted a survey within the organization to narrow down the mission and vision of the organization to plan its future more effectively […]

Project Highlight – Yedikule Animal Shelter

Project Highlight Yedikule Animal Shelter Yedikule Animal Shelter is one of Istanbul&I’s most recently started projects and the first animal-focused project. Since December 2019, the project has been a major success and has continued to run every week even through the COVID-19 pandemic and cold winter rain. The Yedikule Animal […]

Major Event – Istanbul&I Turns Five

Major Event Istanbul&I Turns Five Founded in 2016 with a dream of building and fostering a unique community in Istanbul, Istanbul&I has brought together people from disadvantaged and disenfranchised communities despite socio-cultural divides. By focusing on social inclusion and volunteering, Istanbul&I has become a hub for young changemakers looking to […]