Feature News – Iftar&Community

Feature News Iftar&Community Giving Season is Coming! As the Holy Month of Ramadan, a month of giving, doing good, and connection approaches, Istanbul&I is preparing to reintroduce one of its oldest, most wonderful volunteering projects: Iftar&Community. But, first, what exactly is Iftar&Community, how did it start, and why is it […]

Volunteer Spotlight – Ahmad Alhasan

Volunteer Spotlight Ahmad Alhasan Ahmad is a Psychology student at Middle East Technical University. He joined Istanbul&I in 2017 as the youngest volunteer in the NGO. He first co-managed the Storytelling Expeditions and soon after founded Istanbul&I’s first Book Club. In 2019, he co-founded Poetry Club, which he’s been managing […]

Project Highlight – Yedikule Animal Shelter

Project Highlight Yedikule Animal Shelter Yedikule Animal Shelter is one of Istanbul&I’s most recently started projects and the first animal-focused project. Since December 2019, the project has been a major success and has continued to run every week even through the COVID-19 pandemic and cold winter rain. The Yedikule Animal […]

Board News – Exciting New Projects

Board News Exciting New Projects The Istanbul&I Executive Board held a meeting on the 25th of March to discuss and finalize upcoming prospective projects for the month of April. With the recent change in board members, the new Executive Coordinator, Amber Sema Erkan, shared her ideas about redefining Istanbul&I to […]

Major Event – Grassroots Feminism

Major Event Grassroots Feminism In our celebration of International Women’s Day and the incredible people who tirelessly fight for equal rights across Turkey, several leading NGOs took the mic in our Grassroots Feminism talk to share the diverse and critical ways they’re advancing women’s rights through feminist principles in Turkey. […]

Major Event – Istanbul&I Turns Five

Major Event Istanbul&I Turns Five Founded in 2016 with a dream of building and fostering a unique community in Istanbul, Istanbul&I has brought together people from disadvantaged and disenfranchised communities despite socio-cultural divides. By focusing on social inclusion and volunteering, Istanbul&I has become a hub for young changemakers looking to […]